Our unique knowledge of the transport/logistics industry has seen the introduction of many initiatives to effectively manage our client’s requirements but also identify the importance of the relationship with regards to our vendor partners and the customer’s welfare in the process. 

Resources can be an issue given any transport’s infrastructure and to established distribution forecasts. Whilst we are all in acceptance no transport company has unlimited resources, it is our experience in the arena of high performance and customer satisfaction that allows us to clearly define the expectations and capacities of those current resources as well as incorporating additional assets when the business activities require it. TransCon Solutions will always look to review our vendor partner’s capabilities for the long term commercial success of our customer’s business and its partnerships.

Despite the best planning, Translog Consolidated Solutions also realizes that spikes in business activities may not always be catered for regardless of what internal resources we may apply; consequently Translog Consolidated Solutions has aligned itself with strategic partners nationally which have the infrastructure to support the scope of work, with the understanding that  these relationships will continue to be centred on best practices as well as meeting the criteria of continual improvement through IT support – i.e. track and trace/POD retrieval and cost management.


Cost Management

Translog Consolidated Solutions major responsibility is to define cost effective solutions without impacting on your service. Our Relationships are built on honesty, performance and integrity. every consignment must meet the customer's agreement terms and this is where we are different. We not only ensure our pricing is competitive, but our focus towards cost savings - means we are better equipped to make certain consignments which fail to meet the objectives outlined in the terms and conditions are managed accordingly.

We are the benchmark in cost management and continue to review new strategies to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

Translog Consolidated Solutions provide all customers a centralised billing capability that enables the customer to recieve one electronic invoice for all activities, which is fully validated and verified by Translog Consolidated Solutions accordingly to program pricing and services provided.


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