Competitive Pricing

It is very simple – no hidden charges, no annual price increases that are not fully audited, our goals are very clear, we aim to provide the most competitive pricing available, without impacting on service levels. We do not work on the theory that we need to always align ourselves with providers who monopolise the market, yes we utilise their services, but our objective is to align your business with a provider who can deliver on a cost model/performance base that meets your individual needs.

We at Translog Consolidated Solutions believe annual rate increases should not just be rubber stamped - in fact under the right management controls it could well work in reverse. If your network is growing and volumes are consistently on the rise, then the transport/logistics provider will be benefiting - so we are duty bound to review, audit and manage an outcome in line with your long term goals.



Translog Consolidated Solutions acts as Program Management Lead and single source data & systems provider for our customers, ensuring that all KPI and SLA objectives are achieved, milestones are met and processes are aligned across the partnership. 

We interface with our partners to assist in managing the required data, tracking and updates in order to conduct their core activities, which are then consolidated into our system for customer management purposes .



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